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Project Management


TCGroup's Project Management (PM) System is structured to confirm that our projects are completed on schedule and within budget. This system has been a key element responsible for TCGroup's successful projects.


TCGroup's success lies in reducing projects to distinct tasks and subtasks. These elements are independently defined, scheduled, budgeted, tracked, and managed.


The purpose of the PM System is to provide accurate information quickly and easily, enabling project owners, managers, and engineers to make informed, accurate decisions without delays.


Project Management System versus Overruns and Slippages


Project overruns and schedule slippages are the problem most commonly encountered in the engineering service industry today.


Problems related to inaccurate project definition, scheduling, or budgeting generally result in project overruns and schedule slippages. These are interdependent concerns and will be faced by most owners, to one degree or another, on nearly every project undertaken.


Additionally, the risks inherent in undertaking projects are compounded by the complexity, schedule, and participation levels required.


Client/Owner Participation


TCGroup encourages clients to actively participate in project management as an integral part of each project management team.


In recognition of the value of active owner participation, TCGroup provides owners with the elements of our interactive Project Management System. 

This system incorporates project work plans, schedules and budgets in a cross-referenced system developed in-house specifically for the management of commercial and industrial engineering projects.


The primary purpose of this system is to provide accurate information quickly and easily, enabling project owners, managers and engineers to make informed, accurate decisions in a timely and cost effective manner.


Management Objectives


The four fundamental project management processes necessary for successful project initiation and completion are:


  • Complete and accurate definition of the Work Plan

  • Generation of a realistic and definitive Schedule

  • Development of a comprehensive and accurate Budget

  • Execution and follow through of the Project Plan


Project Plan


The project plan is the tangible result of the Project Management System. It consists of a work plan, schedule and budget. Our status reports are then based on these elements. Once TCGroup's project team has been defined, selected members generate their respective parts of the project plan by contributing to these elements.


Work Plan


The project work plan comprises the task descriptions with a task outline, and a task sequence diagram.


Task descriptions, with a summary task outline, are developed at the subtask level. The descriptions define all activities or events that must take place to complete a specific task. All activities required for a complete process are shown, regardless of whether a specific entity had been identified as responsible for such activities.


A project-specific task sequence diagram serves as a visual representation of the task definitions of the project work plan. The task sequence diagram illustrates the sequential progress of the work, task interactions and interdependencies.


Project Schedule


Schedule preparation takes place in conjunction with development of the work plan. The schedule displays the time allowed for each task and subtask. As the project proceeds, schedules are updated and issued periodically throughout the project, accurately reflecting the project status.


Project Budget


After task descriptions and the schedule are developed, man-hour and expense budgets are developed for each subtask.


A summary report is generated by combining labor and expense figures. Using this system, adjustments to the budget due to schedule or work scope changes can be easily accommodated. A new budget can be generated whenever required. This feature allows TCGroup to respond quickly to client needs.


Status Reports


The project status reports are generated weekly, monthly, and quarterly for managerial staff to assess budgeted and actual project progress. They provide crucial and timely decision-making information at all staffing levels.


These reports show budget and schedule information to-date or for the current reporting period. They also show actual expenditures compared with the allocated budget and schedule. Thus, management can monitor the status of each clearly defined task or subtask on the schedule and budget, from project initiation through completion. For example:


Task Identification Key

04-0999 Project Name

04-0999.6.0; Task System Layout Drawings

04-0999.6.3  Subtask    Water Supply and Services


Each specific subtask identification number can be tracked throughout the project plan, from the task descriptions within the work plan, to the schedule and budget, and ultimately, to the status reports.


TCGroup's accounting system is tightly linked to the PM System. Therefore, as the project progresses, day-to-day accounting inputs can be tracked to a specific project. The inputs include TCGroup employee time records, expense vouchers, material costs, and equipment costs.


Project Manager


TCGroup's Project Manager will be responsible for the following:


  • Coordination of on-site investigation and home office design efforts.

  • Staffing to maintain the project schedules.

  • Project status reports.

  • Ensuring accurate, cost-effective work.

  • Budgeting and invoicing.


Our commitment to proficient project management is the basis of TCGroup's history of successful projects and our business success. Experience gained through the management of every project is reviewed and evaluated. 


TCGroup's project management is continually upgraded to improve project efficiency and performance. Our project management system, based on past experience, will be adjusted to meet specific project and client needs.


The Project Management System


TCGroup's project management system is activated upon the receipt of the owner's request for proposal rather than on receipt of the notice to proceed. Consequently, the project management system database is developed as part of TCGroup's proposal process and is not a cost to the owner.


However, the project plan, as presented in our proposals, is intended for the owner's review, revision, and approval. TCGroup encourages comments on the project plan, and believes that the owner's input is a crucial part of our project management system.


The task sequence diagram, TCGroup's project management system, and the interactive relationship of the system's components, is designed to effectively handle simple and complex projects alike, especially those with multiple phases and/or multiple service requirements (studies, detail engineering, procurement, construction management, etc.).


Project Management Reports


  • Detail Progress Report

  • Earned Value Report

  • Summary Process Report

  • Cash Flow Report

  • Critical Tasks Report

  • Resource Report

  • Purchase Order Report

  • Project Billing Statement

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